Don't go broke going "Natural"!

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So tell me if this sounds about right!  You consider buying “all natural” because deep down you know it’s better for you.  You shop around a bit, browse different websites, talk to a few “naturalistas” about what they use…but in the end you walk away feeling like “yeah, I would like to buy natural, but this stuff costs an arm and a leg!”  Then you stumble into a dollar store looking for a notepad, and wait…they sell shampoo here??? and its all over!

Well, we’re not that brand! In fact, we pride ourselves on NOT BEING THAT BRAND! After all, why make great, natural healthy products that people can’t afford?  We see no point in that, we want everyone to be able to “go natural”!  So much so, that not only are our products priced reasonably, we're also about to share a few product hacks with you!

Lot’s of natural products are multi-functional, meaning they are not just good for one type of use; they can serve as several products in one!  Check this out:

Did you know that our Peppermint Tooth Powder can also double as an amazing Detox Facial Mask?  Yup, the ingredients in it (the Baking Soda, the Bentonite Clay, the Turmeric) are all also wonderful for your face and for acne.  And the Peppermint Oil will give you a nice refreshing, cooling feeling while it dries!


Did you know that our Sole Cleanse Foot Detox can also serve as an armpit detox?  Yup, spoon out a little, mix it with Apple Cider Vinegar, and apply the paste to your pits!  This is especially good for those who still use commercial brand deodorants!  FYI: your pits are full of toxins, you should detox routinely if you choose to use aluminum based deodorant.


While we are talking about deodorant…Did you know that our Coconut & Apple     Deodorant Spray also makes a great hair rinse or mist?  If you want to give your curls or coils new life, new bounce, new shine, then mist away and let it soak in. Your hair will be glad you did!


Lastly, Did you know that our Skin Friend Body Wash would make a great shampoo?  Yup, it’s already super gentle, just add a capful of our Skin Friend Body Oil and now you have a great moisturizing shampoo for your hair!

Whew, that’s a lot of hacking! But like we said, there’s no need to go broke going natural.  Just make your products work by letting them do the most they can do!  And if you are using NaturalSelf Skincare products, then they can do a lot!  We hope you enjoyed this post and these hacks.  We try our best to keep skincare simple and AFFORDABLE, now feel better about going natural, and Show Yourself Some Skin Love!


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