When it comes to acne...SLAY!

Posted by Ciara RIVERS on

The ingredients in the Acne Slayer are already superstars in the fight against acne.  Combined, they make one powerful cleanser that is sure to give you great results!   African Black Soap improves acne and discoloration, Bentonite Clay is a natural detoxifier, Essential Tea Tree Oil and Essential Rosemary Oil are both antibacterial, and Vitamin E soothes and protects the skin! 

Use daily with the natural loofah pad (pre-soaked with cleanser) as your new regimen.  The pad will gently exfoliate, slough away dead skin cells, and remove stubborn makeup, providing a deep pore cleaning; which is necessary in combating future breakouts!  The natural loofah pad is re-usable over and over again, just apply more cleanser as needed.  Great for Women, Men, and Teens!

 *Directions:  wet face, scrub gently with loofah pad in circular motions, rinse face clean.

So don’t take it easy on acne…Slay it, starting today! Shop this product in the catalog now!


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