Black Oats Acne Scrub - For Sensitive Skin!

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If you are battling acne AND suffer from sensitive skin then "Hey, Hello, THIS IS MADE FOR YOU!"  All of the ingredients chosen for this cleanser are gentle yet highly effective - and are sure to help improve the look and feel of your skin without irritation!  


Made with TRIED & TRUE - PROVEN ACNE FIGHTING SUPERSTARS:  Colloidal Oats, Organic African Black Soap, Moroccan Red Clay, White Willow Bark Extract (the NATURAL source of acne fighting Salicylic Acid) and Therapeutic Grade Antibacterial Essential Oils!  

Daily use of this scrub will:  

  • Treat blackheads by drying them out and pulling them to the surface
  • Remove excess oils (helping to re-balance skin)
  • Smooth and soften (you'll feel a difference after the first use)
  • Improve skin tone and clarity (for a more even complexion)
  • Reduce dryness (helping to relieve that tight, itchy feeling) AND
  • Exfoliate and cleanse the skin (by removing toxins & dead skin cells)     


This cleanser is super easy to use and will last forever because you literally need just a bit at a time!  Directions:  wet face with warm water, dip your damp fingertips into the jar to pick up the scrub, rub into face using circular motions until scrub lightly lathers, rinse clean!  Voila, you're done!   *As with any acne fighting regimen, Be Consistent - Use Daily For Best Results!*

Got a little time on your hands? To maximize effectiveness, let it sit on for your face for a min or two before washing off! Wanna make a mask? Mix a Tsp of product with a TBS of honey, apply the paste to your face, allow it to air dry, then rinse clean!

Black Oats is even gentle enough to use as Baby Cleanser - just add a scoop to bath water!  Order yours today & share your results with us!