Face-TASTIC Cleansing Bars

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Pure. Natural. Moisturizing. Clean.

We like to keep it simple, and that's the short and sweet of our soaps!

Made from a pure Vegetable Glycerin soap base + moisturizing Sweet Almond & Coconut Oils, our soap will effectively clean your skin without drying it out! That's important because when you use a drying soap on your face, your skin will naturally attempt to "correct" the dryness by making excess oil...which can lead to the dreaded ACNE

That's why we chose Natural Glycerin for our Face-TASTIC Cleansing Bars! Glycerin is a Humectant - which means it draws moisture IN and won't dry you OUT!

Your face is going to love these - all 3 are great for acne care and prevention!

*Please Note:  we do NOT add fragrance to our cleansing bars.  They are lighted scented ONLY by their ingredients.