Kiddie Skin Food
Kiddie Skin Food
Kiddie Skin Food
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Kiddie Skin Food

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Encourage Self Care, Early!

If you have little ones, you are probably used to asking this question: "Did you wash your hands?" You probably also find yourself saying "bathtime" repeatedly before they hop in! Lol

Well, now bathing and washing hands can be fun and exciting!  Why? Because our new kid soaps have cool toys inside just waiting to be played with.  Trick is, your kid has to use the soap to get to them!

Our soap is safe and gentle - perfect for babies, kids, and sensitive skin!  We kept it simple with a pure and natural Vegetable Glycerin soap base, moisturizing/soothing Vitamin E & Sweet Almond Oils and refreshingly fun Grapefruit Essential Oil.

*Currently the toys inside are ponies and army rangers - 2 toys in each bar of soap.*


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