Sweet & Neat - Makeup Removal
Sweet & Neat - Makeup Removal

Sweet & Neat - Makeup Removal

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Say it with me:  No more chemically packed facial cleansing pads! 

When your're done being a Diva for the day, use our 100% Natural, 100% Pure Cotton - Sweet & Neat Cleansing Pads or Wedges to remove your makeup!

Both will Clean, Soothe, & Hydrate your skin PLUS you'll love the delicate, relaxing scent of floral Essential Oils!

As with all of our products, our pads are made with only the best natural ingredients:  Distilled Water, pure Castille Soap, soothing Aloe Vera Gel, moisturizing Vitamin E Oil, and therapeutic grade Essential Oils! 

Great for acne!  Lavender, Rosemary & Ylang Ylang Essential Oils all help balance excess oil (sebum) production.  Less oily skin = fewer breakouts!

*20 pre-soaked pads OR 6 pre-soaked (and re-usable) wedges are included in each jar!

                              Great for Sensitive Skin and delicate Eye areas!  


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