X-ccessory! - Cleansing Facial Brush - With 6 Massaging Heads

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A simple and practical facial cleansing device, equipped with 6 pieces of replaceable functional heads!  With USB rechargeable design, it is really a wonderful multi functional gadget ready for you to love!  It's easy and convenient, and can be used with cleansersmasks and/or creams!

Use this to: 

  • effectively eliminate facial dirt, grease, cosmetics residues, 
  • fade fine lines/wrinkles and spots, 
  • get rid of the dead skin and improve elasticity
  • and promote absorption of skin care products. 


- Color: pink/white
- High/Low Settings
- Shell material: durable hard plastic and soft sponge.  
- Machine size: 12.5* 7 cm

- Powered by 2* AA battery (not included)


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