Turmeric-Tastic Scrub - for Aggressive Acne + Scars

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Meet the Turmeric-Tastic Acne Scrub (aka the Cookie Scrub)! 

Revive your skin and bring out its natural glow with the Turmeric-Tastic Acne Scrub!  This is a very effective cleansing scrub that will fight aggressive acne AND improve the appearance of acne scars!


Here at NaturalSelf Skincare we believe that "Less is More!"  That's why we Power packed this with only 5 "Tried & True" acne fighting ingredients:  antibacterial Organic Coconut Oil, deep cleansing Baking Soda, soothing/healing Raw Organic Honey, and scar reducing Organic Turmeric and Nutmeg Powders!

It's chock full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients like Curcumin, that decreases inflammation from breakouts; shrinking pores and giving you your radiance back!  

Gently scrub your face with this Super Star once daily (or every other day if you experience irritation) and follow up with a moisturizer like our Blemish Buster